Tanzania is turning into a well-liked destination for tourists. It has an abundance of wildlife, nature, beautiful beaches, wildlife safaris, and islands. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit. If you are a nature-loving enthusiast or want to spend your vacation in peace, exploring interesting places, then here are some must-visit places in Tanzania. 

Best Time to Visit Tanzania?

Tanzania enjoys a favorable climate all year long, but depending on the activities you plan to do while you visit, we prefer certain months over others. Planning to explore the wildlife of Serengeti then we recommend June to October which is the dry season. The wildebeest migration and calving are the most mesmerizing experience to have in your lifetime. Migration takes place during June and July and the calving season is during January and February.

Board a flight to reach Tanzania?

Some of the busiest airports in Tanzania are Julius Nyerere International Airport in the city, Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport in the north, and Zanzibar Abeid Amani Karume Airport. These are located in and near some popular destinations in Tanzania, you can choose your arrival according to your plans.

Some recommended places to visit in Tanzania?

Tanzania has incredible wildlife reserves, beautiful beaches, unique culture, and delicious food, but how to choose which locations have to be prioritized on the limited time you have on your visit to Tanzania. Let us help with this by suggesting some of the best places you must visit.

Serengeti National Park:

Serengeti national park is an amalgamation of the best nature has to offer, with an abundance of flora & fauna and vast wilderness for exploring. It is one place to visit for safari & sight-seeing with amazing wild animals like elephants, zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes, hippos, dik-diks, giraffes, antelopes, gazelles, elands, kudus, and deers in their primal habitat. Carrying a good camera to capture nature at its most candid form and scenic views so you can relive the experience in years to come.

Kilimanjaro National Park:

Established in 1973 This National Park holds a splendid view of Mount Kilimanjaro, standing in isolation with snow-covered peaks.

If you love trekking and challenges, then you can’t miss the Mount Kilimanjaro trek, the highest freestanding mountain in the world and Tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro attracts so many trekkers and tourists every year around the world.

National Museum of Tanzania:

Visiting Tanzania and not learning about the culture and tradition of the locals would be a missed opportunity to educate yourself on some of the most interesting histories and traditions. So the National Museum of Tanzania is the right choice with all things Tanzania. From traditional crafts, custom artifacts, ornaments, and musical instruments, the museum also has important fossils of some earliest ancestors.

Mwenge Wood Carvers Village:

Take home part of your journey in the form of beautiful and detailed wooden carved artifacts, shops here has some unique items you won’t be able to resist buying when you will wander around the Mwenge market, some items like wooden masks, beaded necklaces, and bracelets are a must buy on your visit to this village.

Mafia Island:

There are many beautiful islands off the Tanzanian coast. One of our favourites is Mafia Island, a short 35 min flight south east of Dar es Salaam. Much less developed than its better known neighbour, Zanzibar, Mafia is steeped in history and rich with natural beauty above and below the waters

So travel safely and in a well-informed manner and so check out these places whenever you visit Tanzania.