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With carefully curated interiors and a tranquil ambiance, our apartments offer a peaceful haven where guests can truly unwind and enjoy their stay.

Bahari Beach

Bahari Beach

Bahari Beach is a calm residential area, located in the more suburban part of the city. It is a popular place for guests fond of seaside locations, being in proximity of Bahari Beach. Our apartment complex here includes 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom options.
1 bed; 2 bed
Large parking space
Kuringa Drive, Bahari Beach
Mbezi Beach

Mbezi Beach

Mbezi Beach is the ideal area to stay in if you're looking for a more tropical view and a lush environment. The area is farther away from the bustling city centre, offering a more suburban and serene atmosphere, whilst still being in proximity of popular vacation hotspots like White Sands. Our apartment complex includes 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom options.
2 bed; 3 bed
Swimming pool
Mtoni Street, Mbezi Beach
Mikocheni B

Mikocheni B

Mikocheni is a central commercial hub in Dar es Salaam, located in an area with easy access to various shopping centres, affordable restaurants and company offices. Our apartment complex here includes 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom options.
1 bed; 3 bed
Shared balcony
Naibuni St, Mikocheni

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