Are you planning an escape from your busy and hectic life?

We highly recommend planning a trip to Tanzania and spending time with your loved ones having an experience of a lifetime. 

Tanzania is well known for its wildlife, nature tourism and beautiful islands with clear, warm waters and white sand, coral fringed beaches.So if you are a person who loves adventure safari or wildlife enthusiast, then what are you waiting for? Get your gear on as the holidays here can be a very amazing and mesmerizing experience. 

Here are some of the reasons to visit Tanzania this holiday season.

Favorable Climate:

Many parts of the world in December experience extremely cold weather, but this is not the case with Tanzania which enjoys a favorable climate most of the year and especially in December. The weather in Tanzania ranges from 28°C (82°F) in December, which helps in having a pleasant experience while enjoying activities like sightseeing, safari, relaxing on the beach, or shopping, etc.

Greener Landscape:

December usually falls amid a short rainy season, so you can expect some rain which in turn brings in more greenery and abundance of flora to the landscape, transforming it to a natural wonderland.

Mesmerizing Serengeti:

Wondering if there is any chance of doing a safari in December?

Yes! Christmas and New Year attract a lot of tourists to Tanzania and you can get a memorable experience of a safari in the Serengeti National Park. The park becomes exciting as the Wildebeests start gathering in large herds making it one of the best sights to behold. This is also the month that sees a huge influx of migratory birds like the Rufous-tailed weaver, Black-headed gonolek, Grey-breasted spurfowl and transforms it into a bird watcher’s paradise.


A 20 min flight or 2 hour ferry ride from Dar es Salaam lies the incredible islands of the Zanzibar archipelago. The islands are perfect for experiencing wonderful beach getaways within the culture of the ‘Swahili Coast’ people. For relaxing, watersports, exploring, health and wellness, these islands have it all.

The holiday season is some of the most vivid experiences that you can have in Tanzania especially when you consider the rich wildlife in the country has to offer, be it the Wildebeests or the migrating birds which are sure to elevate your stay and make it a rather memorable one.