Planning a holiday in East Africa then Dar Es Salaam is some ways the best place in Tanzania to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. This largest city in Tanzania is located in a quiet bay on the Indian ocean coast, and its bustling harbour is one of the main attractions in Tanzania.

There are so many other attractions to explore around in Dar es salaam:

Village Museum Kijitonmaya

Nestled in this bustling city of Dar Es Salaam is the Village Museum. Here you will find one the most interesting thing to do, which is getting to learn about and discover  the lives of numerous Tanzanian tribes. Located in the Kijitonyama ward along the Bagamoyo road, this open-air museum has a detailed reconstruction of traditional dwellings. Villagers also demonstrate skills such as pottery, carving, and weaving that have helped them thrive in these environments. Experience and live their traditions with live performances traditional dances and tribe’s cultural activities.

National Museum of Tanzania

Established in 1934, This museum preserves the history and culture of Tanzania, situated in Dar Es Salaam at Shaaban Robert street. This beautiful museum was formally opened to the general public in 1940. Built in memory of King George 5th, the museum contains various traditional crafts, important fossils of earliest ancestors, and beautiful ornaments that give you an in-depth look into the rich history of Tanzania. Whether you are visiting Tanzania intending to explore the cultural aspects or here for a safari, the  National Museum of Tanzania should certainly be on your bucket list.

St. Joseph Cathedral:

Considering vacationing in Tanzania, then sightseeing plays a huge part in having a great experience. While you are considering exploring a city like Dar Es Salaam with its old-world charm, whether it be the beautiful churches, museums, scenic beaches or the bustling local markets, there are all kinds of flavors of Tanzanian life to explore. 

One such gem that you can visit on your next trip to Dar Es Salaam is the beautifully designed Roman Catholic St. Joseph Cathedral consists of  gothic architecture that was originally built by the Germans between 1897 and 1902. This Cathedral is full of epigraphs and artworks, and the amazing vaulted interior stained glass windows that are hands down the key feature of this cathedral and make it one of the most desired places to visit in Dar es salaam. 

Askari Monument

This monument, which is located between Azikwe street and Samba avenue represents the Askari soldiers of the British corps who had fought valiantly in world war 1. The bronze statue of an Askari soldier holding a rifle with a bayonet pointed towards the harbour and various plaques in Swahili, Arabic, Latin, and English gives us a peek into the history of the war, makes it a must-visit for history buffs and tourists.

Azania Front Lutheran Church

One of the most popular churches in Tanzania which has a red tile surrounded rooftop, built by the German missionaries in 1898 and was once the center of all the German missions in Tanzania, this iconic landmark of Dar Es Salaam has beautiful gardens where visitors can relax  and unwind. You may be fortunate to witness one of the many choir rehearsals for which the church is known..

Mbudya Island

This beautiful coral island is a few minutes away from the mainland when you take a motorboat ride from the city, departing from Slipway on Msasani peninsula. The silent and peaceful island is a perfect getaway for you and your family to relax, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling. You can rent your own  Banda (thatched hut) on the beach. The trip to Mbudya island is one of the most popular day trips of the city.

Bongoyo Island

This island is just four miles away in the north of the city and a part of the Dar Es Salaam marine conservation area. Bongoyo is one of the very well-liked island getaways in Tanzania, you can stretch your legs and relax, enjoy good swimming or snorkeling in the untouched waters of the Indian ocean. Visit Bongoyo Island to discover nature at its most elemental state.

Kivukoni Fish Market

Dar Es Salaam had its beginnings as a fishing village and the Kivukoni Fish Market gives you a glimpse of its heritage. Indulge in the harbor life of Tanzania and shop for some fishes, crabs, squid, and snappers. Top Tip : You must bargain for the best price while buying Visitors can also enjoy freshly prepared,  delicious seafood meals at Kivukoni market – one of the finest seafood destinations in Dar Es Salaam. The Kivukoni fish market is located in front of the harbor line. Fishing boats arrive early in the morning to offload their fresh catch. So make sure you visit in the morning to witness the market in full action.

Coco Beach

Visiting Dar Es Salaam and in a mood for some good time partying on or chill on the beach with some beer? Coco beach is the go-to destination with peaceful and relaxing environment in the day and music-fueled nights as locals here hosts festivals and holiday beach parties Coco beach is one of the best and popular beaches of the city, located in the Oyster Bay you can also shop for artefacts and fancy items at the many market stalls., The restaurants serve very delicious food so you enjoy tasty dishes with cultural festivals.

Mwenge Woodcarvers Village

Explore the pure form of ancient art at Mwenge Woodcarvers Village. This village lies in the heart of Dar Es Salaam and has markets which are full of master artisans carving artefacts with one of the specialties being the uniquely designed and variety of wooden marks. Shop for some beautiful and unique items such as a wooden mask is a very popular item to buy in the market, prices are very negotiable so don’t forget to bargain at a time of buying. 

Don’t forget to stay at The Amariah Hotel on your next trip to Dar es Salaam. It is located right in front of the Askari monument in the historic part of the city.