A vacation in Tanzania provides you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Tanzania is a vacation destination that caters to all age groups! For teenagers and adults, there are many water sports activities that you can participate in. The national parks of Tanzania will provide you with entertainment as you get to spot interesting wildlife! 

Here’s a list of the best places in Tanzania for a family trip:

  1. Dar Es Salaam

Tanzania’s biggest city and economic hub is well worth a visit. The city is a melting pot of the many cultural influences of Tanzania’s history. The Bantu, Germans, Portuguese, English, Ottomans and Persians have all had a role to play in shaping the tastes, sounds and sights of the city. The city pulsates with life and provides a perfect example of both the successes and struggles of a developing country’s city population living life. Dar, as it is fondly called, has many sites, museums, places of interest, beaches and its own islands making a 2 day stop over an interesting and fun-filled learning experience.

  1. Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact caldera in the world! It’s home to a diverse range of wildlife including the Big 5. The landscape here is beautiful and it’s worth a visit! The crater itself is home to many different vegetations and ecosystems, along with over 400 species of birds!

  1. Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park has the densest population of elephants along with ancient baobab trees. You can even spot the endangered African wild dogs here! 

Other than that, you can also spot lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras and wildebeests here. 

  1. Serengeti National Park

Witness the Great Migration of Serengeti, whereby millions of wildebeests migrate from one part of the land to the other in search of grazing. You can also take a hot air balloon ride over Serengeti with your family. It’s an exceptionally thrilling and adventurous experience! You can spot the Big 5 at Serengeti along with many other wildlife species including hyenas, cheetahs, hippos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and over 500 species of birds!

  1. Stone Town 

Stone Town is a tourist hotspot on Zanzibar Island! Its narrow streets and the old architecture are worth praising. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious seafood and Swahili food at the Forodhani Gardens Food Market. If you’re up for exploring historical places, head over to the Palace Museum and the Old Fort! Shop at the lively bazaars and get handcrafted souvenirs!

  1. Zanzibar beaches

Chill at the white sand beaches of Zanzibar Island. You can also take part in many water sports activities here like scuba diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Don’t forget to take a sunset dhow cruise here! You can also swim with the dolphins at Kizimkazi beach. Try the Rock Restaurant too, its seafood is delicious! 

  1. Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is the best place to spend some quality time with nature. There’s barely any crowd here, so you’ll have the area almost exclusively to yourself! The Selous has beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife including hippos, giraffes, lions, buffaloes, wildebeests, leopards and even African wild dogs!

  1. Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is home to interesting and unique wildlife species that are rarely found in other parts of Tanzania. These include the rare African wild dogs, sable antelopes, lesser kudus and greater kudus. Ruaha forms part of the southern safari circuit, which means it’s less crowded and will give you and your family more privacy.

  1. Materuni Waterfalls

Located in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, the Materuni Waterfalls are a must-visit! The forest and the fresh water bring you closer to nature. Moreover, you can also go on a coffee farm tour nearby! Although Mount Kilimanjaro itself is a stunning mountain that you should hike on, it might not be the best activity for you if you have young kids!

  1. Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its tree-climbing lions and the thousands of flamingos that line the Lake. Apart from the tree-climbing lions, you can also spot other wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, wildebeests and zebras. The Park also has a treetop walkway that you should explore!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these places in Tanzania with your family and have the time of your life!